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Level 0 » Red Rooms

:Class 5

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Изображение, добавленное в Главную Публичную Базу Данных, за некоторое время до того, как человек, загрузивший его, пропал безвести.


The Red Rooms bear great similarity to their parent level, although some key differences set them apart. The area is shrouded in a deep red hue, from the crimson wallpaper to the darkroom-like lighting. The carpet is coarse and sticky, contrasting with the slick moist carpet of Level 0, and harboring colonies of mushrooms and black mould in dark corners.

Radio communication in the area is as unreliable as in Level 0, and the longer a subject stays within, the poorer the quality of communication will become before halting entirely. The M.E.G. have documented three instances of field agents falling victim to the Red Rooms, none of whom were seen again after their radio communications deteriorated. This evidence suggests the rooms are extremely difficult or impossible to escape.

During these short-lived M.E.G. communications, the area has been described as viscerally uncomfortable and generally distressing to exist inside of. Affected individuals report feelings of disgust, despair, and paranoia, as well as feelings of claustrophobia. These strong emotions compound the stress which often comes with the sudden break from Level 0’s monotony.

These rooms are not to be approached or entered. If spotted, turn the other way and do not attempt to enter them under any circumstances.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts

No bases, communities, or outposts are known to exist within the Red Rooms.

Entrances and Exits


The Red Rooms may only be entered through Level 0, completely at random, after turning a corner. No method of ascertaining wherein the level they will appear has yet been found.


After one has entered the Red Rooms, there is presumably no chance of exit.


Она вздохнула и упала на колени напротив красных стен. Она была истощена, ничего из её книги не смогло помочь ей выбраться из этого кошмара. Стоит ли ей продолжать пытаться?
…Она попала в это место час назад. Как обычно, она бродила по Уровню 0, по месту, где никто не мог помешать ей. По месту, где постоянный гул люминисцентных ламп успокаивал её бурный разум. Тишина оглушала её, но было в ней что-то… успокающивое. Однако, лишь один неправильный поворот лишил её прежнего комфорта.

Казалось, будто жёлтая оболочка отслаивалась от стен, обнажая их красные внутренности. Everything was off. Sinister. Привычный гул ламп поменялся на громкий звук Клаксона, заставив её уши кровоточить. Она шагнула назад, однако за её спиной оказалась лишь твёрдая стена, будто бы всегда стоявшая на этом месте. Она показалась ей холодной и влажной на ощупь. Гипсокартон(?).

Она осмотрелась, пытаясь найти безопасное место. Ковёр, от которого веяло медью, был липкий. Это место внушало внутренний дискомфорт, пронизывая её разум и постоянно мешая ей. У неё не было бумаги чтобы сделать хотя-бы примитивную карту, поэтому ей приходилось запоминать весь пройденный путь у себя в голове. Она прошла несколько поворотов и оказалась в тупике. And another. And another. Это место было зацикленное(линейное) и оно было маленькое.
Везде были разбросаны отверстия, ведущие Damages of that kind and more were common for her to see as she traveled, tears in the carpet and torn-down light fixtures were a staple. She could imagine some people here before her attempting to clip through or find some sort of a tunnel. She pitied them, but her own hopelessness was beginning to settle in.

One notable item of decor was a tally inscribed into one of the walls near the beginning, currently showing the number 74. It agitated her, as it seemed very deliberately carved. There was no doubt in her mind that she knew what it stood for, and it shook her. This was it. This was how she would die.

Out of desperation, she awkwardly climbed through one of the cramped holes in the wall, scraping her leg on some wooden foundation. She continued on through this new set of rooms, searching again for an exit. But…

I've been here before.

Her worst fears were confirmed as she scoured this new area for signs to the contrary. But it was no use — these were identical to the set she had already been in. Starting room, hallway with one turn, tally room, hallway with two turns, empty room. This was one path she knew from one hole to another. She tried again in this new empty room.

Starting room, hallway with one turn, tally room, hallway with two turns, empty room.

Starting room, hallway with one turn, tally room,
hallway with two turns, empty room.

Starting room,
hallway with one turn,
tally room,
hallway with two turns,


She sighed and slid down to her knees against the red walls, sitting. She was exhausted.