Traveler's story

- Fuhh… Damn it. I survived ! Yes. I was on the edge. I have never been an athlete or physically developed.
Well I was able to get over it. This terrible corridor with red light and loud siren drove me crazy.
Entities that were chasing me. I thought I was running forever.
*I caught my breath and decided to look around.
*It was a long corridor without walls. A white floor that gave off a dim light. And the emptiness that did not allow the light to pass
beyond the corridor. The floor was rather slippery and it was necessary to walk on it carefully, because you don’t know what
be there.
*I decided to move forward carefully. Surprisingly, the darkness did not drive me crazy. On the other hand, I became calmer.
The path was not very long compared to the past hell that I overcame. The length was about 4-6 kilometers.
And at the end I met a wall in which there was a door. It was written on the door
"End of Wandering or Continued Pain"
*- Pretty weird. First time I've seen something like this - i asked at me.
*I decided to open the door. There was a room surrounded by gray walls. I found a on the floor of a sheet of paper with a choice.
"End of Wandering or Continued Pain"
*I chose the end of wandering and I passed out abruptly. I woke up already at home. And yes, it was the real world. How glad I was.
I've been crying*


A corridor without walls surrounded by emptiness. A white floor that emits a dim light. It extends for 5671 meters. At the end of the corridor is a white wall with a white door that says "End of Wandering or Continued Pain"
Upon opening the door, you are greeted by a room that is completely white and emits a dim light. On the floor is a piece of paper with an inscription written on the door. If you make the choice "continued pain" - you will be thrown out to level 0.
When choosing "end wandering" you have a chance to return to reality with a 10% chance otherwise you will die.


There is one entity at this level. His name is "Judge". He decides where to send you or kill you. It processes your decision. Also, the judge changes the sheets of paper every time, closes the door and wipes the floor with an unknown substance, which is rather slippery.



You can enter the level only from the level "Run to survive" and or fall into the abyss of the level 9223372036854775807


The first exit is to fall into the abyss, then you will be taken to the "Void" level.
The second is to make a choice with the judge.

Suggestions of what the level might look like

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