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Warning: Do not come into direct contact with any snow on Level 52. You will more than likely be met with immense pain in the area of contact. Do NOT touch the snow. Further explanation will be available further in the article.


Level 52, colloquially referred to as "Snow-Embedded Plains", is an unnaturally flat, empty plane coated in thick, frostbite-ridden snow that encompasses every inch of the level. The level stretches for assumed infinity, occasionally breaking from a flat plane into a rigid forest of dead trees that obstruct the path. Vegetation is extremely scarce on the level due to its harsh temperatures, and is most commonly present in the form of dead shrubs and the occasional pine tree (apart from forests, of course).

An ever-present danger of the level appears in the form of overexposure to its cold temperature; the level sits at a chilling -28⁰C on average in any given area. Feeding into the hazardous temperature of the level is 50-centimetre-high snow covering it entirely, along with intense snowfall and wind fuelling it. Despite the constant snowfall, however, the snow's height never changes.

Several individuals have confirmed the presence of a pine forest located somewhere in the level. This forest has considerably less snow within it, making travel amidst it much easier and more convenient. Not only is the snow level shorter, but the temperature is also slightly warmer, and snowfall and wind are completely missing. Bushes housing edible berries are plentiful within the forests as well, making the forest generally habitable if one is equipped for the still moderate cold present there.


Фотография соснового леса на Уровне 52.

While the forests of Level 52 are generally considered safe, there is an uncertainty in these thoughts perpetuated by the occasional presence of a strange being lurking amidst the trees. This figure shows itself only from afar, stalking anyone it encounters for miles on end, yet never presenting itself close enough to fully discern. As far as what is currently known, the figure cannot be connected to any specific person or entity, thus being a new danger; it is advised to strictly avoid the figure for one’s own safety.


Three notable entities have been discovered to be exclusive to the level—two of which have been properly documented, and the other of which is presumed to be too dangerous to approach.


Abominations are colossal creatures constructed from tightly-packed snow that terrorize all life present on Level 52, being present only on the flat, snowy plains of the level. The entity has massive boulders protruding from its face as eyes, and a dark, hollow mouth lined with tooth-shaped icicles that it uses to devour all prey in sight. The average height of an Abomination is approximately 4 metres, allowing them to tower over any living being that could make its way onto the level—aside from Snow Striders.

Abominations are extremely aggressive towards any wanderer no matter the course of action they take, being on the constant prowl for prey to consume as they crush them within their frosty palms. Their arms are shaped similarly to those of gorillas, giving them an ape-like appearance of sorts with how disproportionate their arms are to their slightly shorter legs. When pairing the biology with the animalistic behavior of Abominations, they are quite accurately comparable to most larger primates, albeit significantly more aggressive.

Snow Striders:

Snow Striders are humongous creatures that tower over anything and everything on the level, only having been seen from a distance by any currently living wanderer. Their footprints are larger than 3 people combined, and their height is estimated to be well over 100 meters. The entity’s screams can be heard from time to time, drilling into anyone close enough’s eardrums with a low-pitched, animalistic blast until ceasing whenever they decide is adequate. The general consensus is to completely avoid Snow Striders at all costs, as their properties are unknown, and due to their sheer size they could pose an immediate danger to human life. At all times—until proven otherwise—all instances of the entity are constantly trodding across the land of the level.

Frost Mites:


Изображение, показывающие ледяных клещей на микроскопическом уровне. Цвета были улучшены для просмотра.

Frost Mites are microorganisms taking the form of shards of ice formed around a gooey center of toxic gel. Billions of Frost Mites are present throughout Level 52, searching for any small specks of snow they can consume. Most "snow" within the level is not actually snow, and is rather a large collection of Frost Mites.

The entity, when coming into contact with any form of heat—such as human skin—will go into a panicked state in order to preserve it's life. This panicked state results in them releasing their internal toxins, which freeze and prick human skin, causing a burning sensation that ripples around the area of affect. The pain is described to be "like being stabbed thousands of times at once in every pore or your skin", and is the main reason that these entities are to be avoided at all cost.

Actually avoiding the entity consciously is nearly impossible due to their size, but being extra cautious not to make contact with any snow on the ground of the level directly with one’s skin is standard recommended practice. In order to circumvent contact with the snow further, it is strongly advised that one prepares protective equipment such as snowshoes, waterproof clothing, and a ski mask prior to entering the level.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

M.E.G. Outpost "Happy Campers":

M.E.G. Outpost "Happy Campers" is a community of roughly 35 individuals dedicated to researching the mysteries of Level 52, and are responsible for providing specifics about Frost Mites with the use of their advanced equipment. They reside in a large wooden cabin in the middle of a forest on the level, holding expeditions semi-frequently in order to harvest for berries and document entities routinely.

Recently, a group of 3 on the group’s research team disappeared unexpectedly during an expedition in the forest. Theories formed by the group suggest that the ever-present illusive figure is responsible for these disappearances, but as stated previously, no traceable evidence remains.

The group is welcoming to outsiders, and will gladly provide Almond Water and berries for other wanderers they encounter. They are actively searching for new members to assist in their research, and as such they are welcoming to just about anyone.

Entrances and Exits:


  • One may enter Level 52 via falling through the ice on Level 456.
  • It is possible to arrive in Level 52 by getting lost in the blizzard on Level 790.
  • Entering a model titled "Snow Globe Estate" on Level 194 has a small chance of leading one to Level 52.


  • No-clipping into a dead tree will lead one to Level 39.
  • Covering oneself fully in snow and remaining immobile for several minutes will lead one to Level 420.
  • Consuming an adequate quantity of snow will cause one to fall unconscious, entering Level 0 when awakening.

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