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Номер сущности: 13
Уровни: Внутри уровней и помещений


Фотография Транспортёра на неопределённом уровне.


Сущность 13, так же известная как Транспортеры и Хвататели , это парящие силуэты человека подобных фигур, известные тем что хватают и телепортируют путников и других существ , по-видимому, случайно.


Эти сущности парят в случайных места, смотря в различные точки. Если странник привлечёт внимание Transporter1 он повернётся к нему и начнёт двигаться , постепенно увеличивая скорость , пока не доберется до путника. Затем Транспортёр поднимет скитальца вверх и пройдёт сквозь в ближайшую стену. One of two things will happen afterwards: either a swift death2. Or, the person will be dragged through a void and land in seemingly random levels with varying safety.

It is not recommended attempt contact with a Transporter due to their possibly fatal no-clips unless in mortal danger.


Transporters are humanoid entities with completely light absorbing skin, making them completely pitch black even in brightly lit environments. The only exception is a singular eye, which are humanoid and have similarly pitch black pupil like the rest of their body. They lack legs or a pelvis and constantly float 1.5 meters above the ground. Their pitch black body makes discerning more details of their biology difficult.

All Transporters wear long black coats and black pork pie hats with large, wide brims. Their coats often drag across the floor, leading to some tears/fraying and grime around the bottom edges.


Entity 13 was discovered by an unaligned wanderer when they watched a person being taken by a Transporter in Level 131. As of writing this document, this encounter and another experience of a M.E.G. Operative are the only fully recorded encounter with Transporters, with other accounts only being hear-say and rumours.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Slowly and quietly back away from them until out of earshot before running.
  • Stay quiet and avoid talking.


  • Talk or scream in earshot of the entity.
  • Run from the entity.
  • Shine a light on the entity if in a dark area.

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