Level 387
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A picture of the apartment building on level 387


Level 387 is a seemingly small and murky level with a concrete apartment building, a short road, and a gloomy forest. The level has a traversable area of only 30000m2, and any attempt to travel past this has led to unfortunate consequences. The level is stuck in eternal morning, and thus follows no day-night cycle. The climate of the level is relatively brisk, remaining at a constant temperature of 6°C.

The border to this area is made up of heavy walls of fog that surround the perimeter. Wanderers who enter the fog seemingly vanish, never to return. The reason for the disappearance of those who come into contact with the fog is unknown but it has been rumored by wanderers to bring one to another level. The Elite Council of The Fog Scouts1 do not address rumors like this, leading to the rumor losing its popularity shortly after. All disappearances on Level 387 are for some reason never witnessed, though The Fog Scouts can assure any doubters that there is no foul play involved and it is only the fog.

The Apartment Building

The Apartment is an 18-floor apartment building similar to that in The Frontrooms, containing both the inhabitants of Level 387 and the base of operations for the Fog Scouts. The total number of apartments has been estimated to be around 200 according to The Fog Scout documents. All apartments have access to a central heating system connected to radiators which produce a temperature of 20°C, a very comfortable temperature for most. 132 of the 208 apartments have a miniature balcony, a collectively appreciated luxury amongst the inhabitants.

Most of the furniture in each apartment varies, but all apartments have typical furniture an apartment in The Frontrooms would have. With much of the furniture, walls, and ceilings being old or very low in quality, the building often has a dusty and stale stench.

As for food, Almond Water flows from the taps and has been found in the fridges along with raw sliced-up pieces of Dullers, dried female Deathmoths wings and a maroon, bloody and slimy, nutritious sludge with unknown ingredients. The sludge appears in a bowl and the amount seems to directly correlate to the amount of recent disappearances. Due to the disturbing nature of this, The Chancellor2 came forward and addressed this as "another anomaly in the anomalous world of the Backrooms, and nothing to worry about." The people of this level have come to accept these foods as delicacies, and the fridges restock each week. The abundance of materials and comfortable living space has attracted many wanderers who inhabit this level. In fact, a famous quote by The Chancellor has started spreading to other levels and wanderers. The quote reads: "Level 387 is the wanderer's dream. It's a glorious refuge with infinite almond water, warm shelter, no entities, and most importantly a sense of belonging."

The Basement

The Basement is constructed from purely concrete and is a place often used for socializing by wanderers. This is likely to be because of the unwanted furniture moved down here and the dim illumination of a hanging light bulb that makes many wanderers describe the basement as eerily cozy. Solely half of the basement is accessible to everyone and only the highest members of The Fog Scouts hierarchy are allowed to enter the other half. Wanderers have reported hearing the sounds of liquid against concrete and the snipping of something squishy and juicy from inside the inaccessible part of the basement. Unfortunately, no official documentation or evidence for this has come forward.

The Lobby Floor

Having no apartments, this floor has been used for other purposes, like announcement speeches and elections. This is the floor connected to the entrance of the building and is therefore where they introduce newcomers. A few sofas, tables, and chairs have been brought down to this floor, making it the most popular socializing place on this level. The elections are held here annually and elect a new elite council through a democratic voting system. The Chancellor however can never lose power.

The Road

The road is a narrow and small asphalt passage located near the building. The road spans around 300 meters in length, and 5 meters in width and is perfectly perpendicular to the north and south walls of fog. Both the start and end of the road are unknown, as the road seems to continue past the walls of fog. Mysteriously enough, tire marks are noticeable on the asphalt surface indicating cars used to drive along this road. No further evidence of this has been found as of now.

Along the road, there is an array of monotonous street lights. These streetlights are each 10 meters tall, each of differing in appearance. They have no light bulbs inside them and are therefore constantly off.

The Forest

The forest is the biggest section of this level, taking up around 90% of its total area. The forest is made up of many species of trees, some of the most common being pinus strobus, poplar, elm, and oak. Due to the cold temperature and foggy atmosphere, most of the trees have lost their leaves and taken on a somber appearance.

The fog slowly becomes thicker the further into the forest a wanderer walks. This may lead to wanderers accidentally walking into the walls of fog and disappearing. The very far edges of the forest remain relatively unexplored for this reason. Inhabitants have also reported an uneasy feeling of being watched when they're at the edges of the forest. The Fog Scouts detail this as paranoia and something that should not receive further investigation under any circumstance.


Level 387 is completely devoid of entities and wildlife, despite the nutrient-rich forest. Traces of decomposed worms have been found in the soil, dating back hundreds of years. This hints at the possibility of old life on this level.


The flag of The Fog Scouts

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to Level 387's small space, there is only one central community that accounts for the entire population of Level 387.

The Fog Scouts:

  • This is the only community that inhabits Level 387.
  • The community is estimated to have a population of around 500 people.
  • They are mostly present in the apartment building, but they also spend time relaxing in the forest of Level 387.
  • They are very friendly and offer an abundance of resources and shelter if a wanderer accepts citizenship. If not, they will be forced to leave.
  • The Fog Scouts have developed heavily as a community, adopting a flag, a system of laws, and a functional government. If a wanderer breaks a law, their punishment is being banished to the walls of the fog.
  • The Fog Scouts have a detailed hierarchy that influences how much authority a citizen has.

Entrances And Exits


  • The most common way of entering Level 387 is noclipping through a painting on Level 5.
  • A way of accessing Level 387 is by finding a door emitting fog on Level 46.
  • Hugging a dark, lonely tree on Level 39 will also bring wanderers to Level 387.
  • Walking in Level 309 for a long period of time has a chance of transporting wanderers to Level 387.
  • Consumption of rotten meat on Level 150 has a chance to send one to the basement of Level 387.


  • No-clipping in this level often transports one to Level 388.
  • Entering any apartment in Level 387 has a very rare chance to noclip you to an apartment on Level 13.
  • A dusty futuristic door in the basement of the apartment building will lead one to Level 15.
  • If a wanderer falls asleep on the road of Level 387 they will wake up on Level 80.


I will probably be eaten loved.

Level 387 is not safe.

… don't trust him.


We are being fed each other nutrition.

The basement is a slaughterhouse paradise.

Level 387 used to be so beautiful

until he came and brought the fog peace.

It's all a-

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