Level 236 — 237th, the level of Backrooms.


Level 236 is the birthplace of all hounds. Only at this level can they move in 4-dimensional space in order to get out of the level to any available ones. Once you get to this level, you will not live long, all the hounds will smell you, make a lot of noise to drive you crazy and immediately appear before your eyes. In the center of the level there is a large substance in the form of a slow walker, it is not yet known whether it sends eggs to the Hive, or it is just in a dream. I think most of the entities got here through the hive. The level has no end and has no gravity. It smells all over the level with a mixture of the smell of yard dogs. The light on the level is controlled by hounds (they are the masters here). How the hounds appear is not yet possible to find out

Bases and outposts


Stalking, hounds, deathmills

Inputs and Outputs:


  • If you see a booth at the Hive level, climb into it.
  • At all difficult levels, booths are sent to the 236th level.


  • I don't think you'll last the pain here…
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